The Power of RADS on the iPad.



iRADSSM extends the full power of the RADS® Compliance Platform to the Apple iPad.  Designed for people on the go, iRADSSM facilitates the distribution and capture of any enterprise data to and from the iPad.  As an extension to our compliance modules, users can view and capture real-time information on HCPs, spend information (planned and actual), meetings, including the ability to capture attendees’ signatures on the iPad, and compliance information relevant to the precise role and location of the user.

request-a-demoThrough RADS, our configurable iPad interface allows for the capture of information once, and can deliver it to any existing enterprise solution or database, eliminating the redundancy of updating each system individually—which will reduce errors and increase selling time.  Say goodbye to repetitive data entry and having to learn multiple systems. iRADS’ simplified one-to-many approach will maximize time for the busy life science professional.

No connection? No problem.

rads computer Work offline.  If you are in an area without internet access, iRADSSM will automatically sync your updates when a connection is found.

One App.  Many Functions.

iRADSSM supports different profiles for different groups of users and applications, thereby allowing companies to specify the  interfaces and functionality by role or function.  This versatility truly gives organizations a single application to manage the specific needs of all internal divisions and departments (i.e. Sales, Marketing, Compliance, etc.).

Concur Connector

The SpendTracker® Concur Connector allows Concur users to initiate a fuzzy search within Concur on their iPad for HCP/O records stored within SpendTracker® and its related third party master databases. With R-Squared’s fuzzy logic look-up, if the correct record is not found within the database, it can be created by the sales rep on the fly and SpendTracker® will send back a complete data record insuring the reps don’t experience any delays or issues. Once the correct HCP/O is identified, it is linked to the expense, facilitating accurate tracking and reporting of aggregate spend by physician. Click here to download a copy of our Concur Connector brochure.