Cloud-based Customer Master and Data Solution–The Next Generation of Data Driven Compliance

Powerful Master Data Management

Cir2usSM is a cloud-based customer master database solution with immense performance power and cutting edge functionality. Cir2us seamlessly integrates and consolidates master data from all enterprise data sources, and allows users to search and select HCP/O data, as well as the ability to add new records/data to your customer master. 
Cir2us simplifies data search by performing approximate string matching; finding strings [in your search] that match a pattern approximately [rather than exactly]. The search form results will also contain a visual indicator for whether the search was weak or strong, while also de-duplicating records that already exist. Approximate string matching is not only for names but also applicable to numbers (i.e. street addresses and licenses). Cir2us also performs synonym matching, which means that when you search a nickname (i.e. Peggy), your results will return the formal name (i.e. Margaret).

Cir2us master data is geo-location encoded, which means that it can identify your current geographic location, so that you can automatically find doctors in your vicinity. This is especially useful in conjunction with R-Squared’s iPad application, iRADS, to capture and add data to the HCP profile. Cir2us local records are updated in real-time when a RADS module interacts with a record.

Access to Third Party Data

In addition to its powerful architecture, R-Squared has pre-loaded all of its data sources for state and federal aggregate spend disclosure and is partnering with best-in-class providers of compliance-related data. Along with the National Provider Identifier database and licensing agency data from the states requiring disclosure, through a subscription, users can access information on: fair market value (domestic and international), sanctions/debarment, foreign nationals (for FCPA/anti-bribery compliance), and/or domestic and international physicians and health care organizations.

Getting started with Cir2us 

CiR2us provides for several levels of subscription, depending on data-related needs. There is no need to buy any data up front, as records are available to subscribers on-demand. Also, users can opt to participate in a “crowd sourced” data set of information contributed by the CiR2us community. This will be particularly helpful for non-HCP office staff, etc., who are not included in traditional databases.

What makes Cir2us different?