• SpendTracker® Aggregate Spend Solution

    Simplified web-based integration of aggregate spend from multiple sources, processes and data sets

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  • R-Squared Master Database Solution

    Cloud-based CiR2us integrates and consolidates master data from all enterprise data sources

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  • R-Squared iRADS

    Extend the reach of your base compliance platform to tablets for anywhere, on-demand views of provider status

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  • R-Squared Library of Recorded Webinars

    Our complimentary webinars help you better manage and mitigate compliance risk

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We develop compliance solutions for the healthcare, life sciences and biomedical enterprise

Expert advice. Powerful solutions. Iron-clad compliance.

R-Squared Services & Solutions, Inc. (R-Squared) is a consulting and software group that helps companies develop more efficient and effective ways to assure compliance with the web of regulations and laws affecting the organization.

We are especially good at translating regulatory requirements into workable tools and practices that simplify the task of abiding by laws, regulations and expectations — while generating solid evidence of compliance at the same time. We’re about tighter compliance, with less burden.

RADS® – Rapid Application Development System

Our technology teams also design and deploy software systems that can streamline all the tracking, record-keeping, and reporting tasks required by your regulatory environment. All based on our proven RADS® (“Rapid Application Development System”) flexible development framework. This architecture enables us to take advantage of best-of-breed enterprise scalable technology while providing our clients with familiar tools to further customize and enhance our platform.

Compliance as a By-Product

Compliance risk is not something to be measured but minimized. In order to help promote compliance and minimize these risks, RADS® provides a platform that is used by the business to improve business performance and provide compliance best practices as a by-product of everyday business activity. In working with those individuals within a company responsible for compliance, R-Squared will leverage technology to weave compliance into the fabric of the organization.

Capture, Track and Report Aggregate Spending

Designed to satisfy state laws (e.g., CT, DC, MA, MN, VT, WV), federal Open Payments, Loi Bertrand, EFPIA and other international transparency disclosure requirements, SpendTracker® simplifies aggregate spend compliance.

HCP Management and Anti-kickback/FCPA Compliance

Complete life cycle management and robust internal controls for managing all relationships with HCPs, referral sources, and foreign public officials, so as to evidence compliance with the growing body of Anti-bribery/corruption laws.

Automated grant management compliance

Grants Keeper automates your grant submission and approval processes, which increases the compliance effectiveness of your grant program while saving your company time and money.

Conflict of Interest Management Solution

The CIMS module facilitates the electronic dissemination (scheduled or as-needed), completion, management and storage of tailored Conflict of Interest/Financial Disclosure Statements. Authorized users may check completion status, sort and report on the Statements by clinical study, physician, product, noted conflicts/relationships, and other data points.

Concur Connector

The SpendTracker® Concur Connector allows Concur users to initiate a fuzzy search within Concur for HCP/O records stored within SpendTracker® and it’s related third party master databases.